The Photographs listed here were taken by Sgt. Angel Diaz USMC at the BLT Headquarters,Beirut Lebanon 1983.  They are paintings done on the basement walls of the Former BLT headquarters.  As a footnote, the area where the BLT Headquarters once stood is now a parking lot with no mention of the murderous crime against my brothers found anywhere!



Some of the photos were done by 3rd Battalion Eighth Marines and some art was done by 2nd Battalion Sixth Marines.  There are some pieces of art that have no identifying marks and could have been done by anyone.  My guess is that 1st Battalion Eighth Marines had a hand in some of the Paintings.  When you view these paintings keep in mind that they were done by United States Marines!  This should dispel the notion that all Marines are Dumb Jarheads!!


Lastly, some of this art could have been painted by Marines who gave the ultimate sacrifice on that day in October 1983.  Remember that when you view these paintings.  The Beirut Veterans of America have as their motto "The First Duty is to Remember".Let us not forget!


Semper Fi !

Cliff Walling



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