Rob & Ricky Parker We Lost Ricky due to Hepatitis in Italy
Rob and Lebanese Army  1982 note port in Background
Aboard USS Manitowac 1982 Modloc! We lost Dale(center)
after the Root due to a training Accident
Cpl Terry (lying down )in the Root 1982, Note shelter half.
Cpl Terry Taught our Platoon "My Corps" sung to the the tune of "My Girl" used on many a Hump!!!
McMurty from New York
Anyone from Fox Company 2/8 Marines 2 Mar Div 1981 thru 1985 Dont be a Stranger!!! Contact me so we can post your Pics!!

Semper Fi!

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Me on board the USS Manitowoc
Corporal Carter on the Manny
Lance Corporal Schellenger on left unk Marine on right on the Manny
My boot class picture. 

This Memorial Day try to remember what  is really important.  The men and woman who went before us and gave everything they had  so that we could have everything they won't have.  Looking at this picture there are some Marines here that made the sacrifice for their Country.  I can never thank them and Marines such as Sgt. Edward Gargano enough ,so we live to tell the story. 

"Our First Duty is to Remember"

SEMPER   FI           !!!!!!
Casper Weinberger enjoying C-Rats Beirut 1982
John Meuse